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Snapchat promise to update security

Snapchat promise to update security

January 03
00:10 2014

Snapchat securityAfter the huge security leak Snapchat has announced today that they will be upgrading the security within the app. In particular the “Find Friends” feature, which as the name suggests is used to find people you might know who are using Snapchat will be updated.

The current version of Snapchat allowed for leaking of phone numbers at an industrial scale and a group calling themselves SnapchatDB did just that. They announced that this was an attempt to make Snapchat take the security holes in the app seriously and not an attempt to make any monetary gain from the information.

The update will allow users to opt out of “Find Friends” after they have verified their phone. Snapchat will be also implementing rate limiting in an effort to stop future hackers from automating finds on the Snapchat system.

Snapchat has already stated that no other information was leaked, just usernames and phone numbers.

Hopefully Snapchat and other app developers have had a huge wake up call. This kind of security leak can have a servere and detrimental affect on the worth of the company. If users don’t feel secure they will just leave and if users leave the billions being offered for Snapchat by the big tech giants will evaporate.

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