Bluetooth Devices To Be Directly Connected To The Web

bluetooth devices to be trackable over internet

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) that sets the standards for Bluetooth devices has announced today an architecture that gives Bluetooth devices internet access directly. Up until now you needed an intermediary device to allow connection to the web but the Bluetooth SIG recognized a need for a connection to the cloud.

“We heard the demand for gateway functionality, not just from our members, but from consumers, who want a connected home but are not satisfied with current capabilities,”

said: Steve Hegenderfer, director of developer programs for the Bluetooth SIG.

Initially the new architecture is aimed at smart home device developers but as is usually the case with these things, the group is hoping that new and innovative ideas spring from this initiative.
Don’t hold your breath it will take developers time to get the new kit implemented. Wireless has pretty well dominated non-wired net access to date but this and Bluetooth 4.2s direct internet access is showing that the Bluetooth SIG is willing to take the fight to them and compete for a share of the network connection pie.