VideoLAN Celebrates 15 Years of VLC, the World’s Most Used Media Player.

VLC turns 15 years old

VideoLAN announced today that VLC has turned 15 years old. technically the project is almost 5 years older but this is the anniversary of VLC being licensed to the GPL license, which happened on the 1st of February 2001.

Under the GPL license, it is now worked on by many contributors across the world but prior to that it was being developed by students at Ecole Centrale Paris. Jean-Baptiste Kempf the president of VideoLAN states:

If you’ve been to one of my talks, (if you haven’t, you should come to one), you know that the project that became VideoLAN and VLC, is almost 5 years older than that, and was called “Network 2000”.

Moreover, the first commit on the “VideoLAN Client” project is from August 8th 1999, by Michel Kaempf had 21275 lines of code already, so the VLC software was started earlier in 1999.

However, the most important date for the birth of VLC is when it was allowed to be used outside of the school, and therefore when the project was GPL-ized: February 1st, 2001.

VLC is the darling of the internet due to its ability to play almost any video format and on most of the popular platforms and some not popular. It has been ported to Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, iOS, Windows RT, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Solaris, BSD, OS/2, Tizen and Chrome OS.

VideoLAN and their contributors are now working hard on bringing us VLC 3.0 which will unify most of our mobile ports, adding more GPU decoding, better adaptive streaming and ChromeCast integration.